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Trixie Whitley

Fourth Corner CD + Like Ivy EP (TXW07)

Release Date: 1/29/13

This bundle includes:
- Fourth Corner CD (Please note, this is the North American version of the album with the standard 11 tracks listed below).
- Like Ivy EP
- Instant Mp3 download of the song ‘Strong Blood’

Track Listing of Fourth Corner:
1. Irene
2. Never Enough
3. Pieces
4. Need Your Love
5. Silent Rebel Pt. 2
6. Breathe You In My Dreams
7. Gradual Return
8. Hotel No Name
9. Morelia
10. Fourth Corner
11. Oh, the Joy

Track Listing of Like Ivy EP:
1. Breathe You In My Dreams
2. A Thousand Thieves
3. Like Ivy

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